Pictures and videos showing life in the sugarcane industry. Click on the link for more details on the photographer/project.

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Ben Richardson took photos of people living and working in the Swazi sugar belt whilst doing research in the country in 2011. Traidcraft also has a series of video interviews with Swazi sugar producers.


Daniella Rosário has taken photographs of Brazilian sugarcane cutters, nicknamed Boias Frias (cold dishes) because of they have not had proper meals to eat whilst at work in the field.


Céline Anaya Gautier has an exhibition called Slaves in Paradise which captures the life of Haitian migrants working in the Dominican Republic sugar industry.


Anders Kristensson and Henrik Jonsson report for Vice Magazine on the casualties of Brazil’s biofuel revolution in their story Sugar Coated Servitude.

A participatory video production made by Pamela Richardson-Ngwenya with a group of sugar workers in Barbados in 2007 about their views on the industry and its future.

A video by the trade union IUF Sugar Workers showing women cutting sugarcane in South Africa.


A UNICEF photo-story on child labour in Bolivia. For more on child labour see this CNN new story on The Philippines’ Sugarcane Child Workers and the field report Sweet Hazards by Terre des Hommes.


In his collection Sugarcane Nomads Brennan O’Connor details the lives of Burmese migrants working in the Thai sugar industry.


Nicolas Axelrod and Thomas Cristofoletti document the ‘sugar rush’ experienced in Cambodia as a result of its duty-free exports to the EU. The investor rush has caused human rights violations, leading to the production of ‘blood sugar‘.

Guardian heat stress photoreel

Ed Kashi visited Nicaragua and El Salvador on behalf of the NGO Solidaridad to capture their working conditions. Sugarcane cutters have been dying in large numbers in Central America due to chronic kidney disease. This photo shows an Australian cane cutter now working on the El Angel Sugar Mill programme.



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