Ethical Sugar is a network of researchers that seeks to protect human rights and progress social and environmental standards in the global sugar industry. To do this we share news, publish research,  undertake engagement activity, monitor industry data, show images in our gallery and provide links to other organisations.

This website is run by Dr Ben Richardson (University of Warwick). Ethical Sugar also has a French-language website and Portuguese-language website managed by Olivier Genevieve (Lyon Business School), the founder of Ethical Sugar. Other people we have worked with include Dr Markku Lehtonen (University of Sussex), Thomas Skaghammer (Archimède Agence Solidaire) and Julio Escalante (University of Auckland).  If you are interested in working with us – either by sharing information or preparing reports – please let us know. We are always keen to work with new people!

Ethical Sugar has no paid members of staff and relies on voluntary labour and philanthropic donations to fund any organisational activity (e.g. stakeholder forums in Brazil).  We have received donations in the past from the Léopold Mayer Foundation , Foundation France Libertés and Fersol. Ethical Sugar has received full endorsement for its transparency and governance from the Prometheus Foundation.


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