Free access to academic articles on ‘land grabbing’

The well-respected Journal of Peasant Studies is currently offering free access to articles featured in its special issue on land grabbing. The articles on Guatemala, Mozambique and Uganda specifically address land being targeted for sugarcane production and examine the political reactions ‘from below’ to these projects. In the words of the editors of this special issue:

This collection draws attention to a spectrum of reactions to land deals which extend far beyond resistance per se, and collectively constitute the ‘politics from below’ of the global land grab. What explains successful resistance, and what does resistance produce? Some of the papers show how cross-class, identity-based and even transnational alliances mounted effective resistance to land deals, while others focus on engagement with the state and private capital rather than direct confrontation. Reactions are shaped by and in turn shape social differentiation, shifting the contours of and possibilities for political alliances.


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